Marma Treatment

Marma Treatment

Neck Pain, Joint Pain and Disc Prolapses     

Marmashastra is a system of treatment. Tamil Palm leaf texts are the bases of this treatment. It is a treatment originated around 5000 years ago and given to the world by sages and yogis of ancient India. This sastra is published through books (grandas) such as Marma sootra, Marma kannadi, Marma Bheerangi, Narambarai Suttiram, Marma Alavu Nool, and Shara Nool. Proficient kalari masters have learned many kalari marmaand kalari murai from their experience and these are important additions to the Marma sastra.

According to the Kalari system , there are 108 vulnerable points in the human body, which are known as `marma’ points. Any disturbance or trauma to these points manifests as severe pain, deformity or even death. Marma Treatment means, with the spiritual thoughts, blessings from the god and masters, and with mental power the gurukal treats and heals injuries by manipulating these vital points in the human body.Marma treatment relieves various aches like back pain, stiffness, dislocations, and injuries and also stimulates various bodily organs and systems.

In Jai Hind Kalari Sangam , people find relief from many diseases such as neck pain, back pain, joint pain, disc prolapses etc through kalari marma treatment where modern treatments like Homeopathy and Allopathy couldn’t succeed. Apart from this we are successfully doing Relaxation massage and rejuvenation massage therapy

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Advantages of Kalari Massage

  1. Kalari massage is a useful way to improve an individual’s health, life span and beauty.
  2. It is helpful for balancing Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (tridosha) inside the body, reliving body pain, and swelling. Helpful to give movements to the paralyzed body parts.
  3. Kalari massage improves the physical stability and health. It prevents skin diseases and purifies the blood. It is helpful for balancing and ordering the blood circulation and improves the working of muscles, veins and nerves in the body. It also stimulates the working of respiratory system and deepens the breathing pattern. Regular kalari massage increases body flexibility and reduces fat. It is particularly useful in promoting good sleep, for calming psychotic individuals, and for helping depressed people to relax.
  4. Kalari massage is an efficient way to maintain body fitness for youth. By enhancing the immunity system of the body, it can keep one disease free and in a state of positive health.
  5. Kalari Thirummu encourages the flow of Pranavayu in our body and hence gains healthy blood circulation and breathing and thus helps to clean the impurities collected at different points in the body through outlets like breath, sweat, stools and urine.
  6. The most important peculiarity of the kalari massage is that, without taking any medicine inside the body, it gives relaxation, relief and health to the internal and external parts of the body. Kalari massage is a world wide unique system of treatment, which is given by Indian sages.

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Alain-LegrasMy name is Alain Legras, from France. 10 days ago, when I came to “Jai Hind Kalari Sangham” to receive a 21 days treatment from Sir Nazer Gurukkal, my body experience stiffness and pain in neck, shoulder, back, knees and legs.
I am very impressed to be able ta say that after only 10 days of treatment, I am experiencing not only a relieve from my ailments, but also, I feel that I am able to live a much closer connection to my soul and to experience more refine feelings, a sharper mind and an over all feeling of lightness While at the same time feeling more grounded.

Being à consultant of Ayurveda and having therefore experience before all the ayurvedic treatments and many others type of massages, I can say that never so far, I have experienced such holistic effects from treatments as with the kalari massage. I can only recommend Nazerji Gurukkal who is truly the embodiment of this very secret and most profound Wisdom as being préserved and transmitted through à 5000 years tradition of kalari Masters – disciple relationship .
The way I felt Nazerji touching the body was like he was actually tuning strings of the body so that it could once again perform the orchestra of the universe , and that through the 5 éléments, the 108 Marmas or vital points throughout the body and the 72000 Nadis or nerves connections. Thank you for this great blessing I receive through you Nazerji.

Alain Legras