Our Basic Visions

Kalaripayattu (Kalari abhyasam) is a martial art that is formed by the ancient Gurus and completely based on the human anatomy and The Nature. A trainee can utilize five physical senses in its extreme and hence can achieve attention, speed, accuracy, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, memory power, concentration, peer respect, health, immunity etc. Martial arts specialists have found that Kalari techniques are useful for mental and spiritual growth. Kalari training is helpful for attaining energy and rejuvenation of internal and external parts of the body.

In kalaripayattu, the importance is for defending techniques rather than attacking. To gain expertise in Kalari, one must have concentration, good understanding, and the ability to perform action with skill.

All other existing martial arts give importance to defense, and offence and say that attacking enemies is the best technique to protect from harm. However, the ancient martial art of India, Kalaripayattu says to save enemies. For example, if an enemy attacks us with or without weapon, our body may get hurt and/or it may cause to death. It makes him/her a criminal and prisoner. On the other hand, a good Kalari practitioner discourages such attacks by self defense and hence protects the life of his enemy. Thus we say that Kalari is for saving, not for punishing our enemies.

Practicing Kalari under the careful observation of the master (Aashan) helps the disciples to be more affectionate to life. They bring in an order in their daily activities that results a healthy and happy life.

This is the only martial art being practiced in the traditional Gurukula system nowadays. Traditional self defense techniques, steps, and the rhythmic body movements of Kalari strengthen the hands and legs of the practitioner and he obtains the knowledge about the body that leads to self awareness and achieve peace.

Divine Conception

The training develops an inner peace and gives divine awareness within. This helps you to realize the ultimate meaning and purpose of life and to soar with your spirit.


According to the modern medical science there are two types of exercises: Isotonic (Aerobic Exercise) and Isometric (weight Lifting). Aerobic exercise is the better among these because; this includes the hand practice, leg practice, and steps. 85% of one’s muscles are worked out while swimming. However Kalari practice gives 100% of muscles, nerves, veins, bones, joints, internal and external body part and even mind obtain energy and power. Here, the Kalari movements are converted to isokinetic Energy. Hence if anyone desire to get success in other sports, by practicing Kalari they can gain essential motor skill, reflex action and flexibility. It develops the personality and self existence. That is why the Kalari masters state that Kalari training is essential and valuable for the body, mind and spirit of a human being.

The significance of practicing this martial art is that it also provides training in Kalari treatment.