Southern Kalaripayattu Training

Here we provide training in Southern Style Kalari, specifically in Chuvadu Murai(steps), Ati Murai (the ‘law of hitting’), Aayutha Murai(weapons), Thattu Murai, Thadavu Murai, and Marma Prayoga etc.

Chuvadu murai.

It means a self protecting method from the attacks of opponent by balancing the body and movements through different kinds of steps. Chuvadu mattam (foot works) and Ozhivu murai (Evasion techniques) are also related to this. Since the steps (chuvadu) are related to the foot movements, the body flexibility methods (maivazhakkam) are also taught in order to get strength for hip joint, knee joint and angle joint.

Ati murai (verum kai – bare-handed fighting techniques).

It gives importance to defend themselves against the attacks using hands and legs. It includes 64 techniques.

A regular kalari practitioner can defend any kind of attack (with or without weapons) and can discourage or overwhelm an enemy using the kalari techniques. A person can develop mental discipline, good physical culture, mind concentration, perfect memory power, and co-ordination through kalari practise.

Aayuda murai.

This method includes the techniques for shielding the body without weapon from attacks using the wood and iron weapons. The weapons used are Cheruvadi(small stick) , neduvadi(Long stick), kathi(knife) or kattari (dagger) , val (sword), vettukathi(machete) , parasha (kanda kodali/ Axe), and kuntham(Spear).

Marma Prayoga (knowledge of Marmas or pressure points).

Marma prayogam – the most advanced martial skill – is a technique of striking at marmas (vital points) to overwhelm the enemies.

Ilakku Murai (Adankal).

The technique used to restore the normal health of the person who is injured by the marma attack is known as ilakku mura. Thattu murai and thadavu murai are two treatments related to ilakku murai.

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