Accommodation facilities

Jai Hind Kalari Sangham provides accommodation for the clients to ensure the greatest comfort of them. Unlike in other renowned treatment centers, the patients are given the most convincing and pleasing service at here. They are made available with an agreeable stay in a homely manner. This helps the clients to ensure continued attention from us throughout the treatment period. The contented stay in the Kalari Sangham give a mental support to the patients to indulge with the treatment environment. The comfort of the patients in all aspects is assured till they get revived.

The trainees for the Kalaripayattu are also made benefited with the accommodation facility at the Kalari Sangham. The rooms are spacious and are bath attached. There is an open balcony where everybody can relax and refresh. Kerala traditional cuisines are available for the guests. All the preferences of them are given respect and are considered with little delay. As the guests get maximum comfort and continued services, they feel to be in a home away from their home. This will add a positive energy in themselves which help in the treatment. The accommodation facility at the Jai Hind Kalari Sangham is a highlight among the services given to the patients as well as the Kalaripayattu trainees.