Sri I. Nazer gurukkal (Master), one of the renowned Guru’s of Kalarippayattu has been training Kalaripayattu in southern style [MURAI – the oldest form of the martial art Kalaripayattu], and also conducting Kalari Marma Chikilsa (therapeutic treatment in vital points), since 1978 when he was at 22.

He has trained Kalaripayattu and Kalari treatment under 12 masters in Thiruvanathapuram and Kanyakumari, and is presently teaching southern style Kalaripayattu in Kottayam district.

He began his training under Sri Thankappan Nadar Master. He learned Marma Chikilsa from Sri H. Robinson master and Sri J Manas master. Some among his masters are Sri Yusuf master, Sri Abubakker (Thambikunju) master, Sri J. Chellayyan Master, Sri Ali Master, Sri Dhurai Raj Master, and Sri Muhammad Sali Master.


“Guru Saakshat Para Brahma”. This Guru Stotram says that“Guru is verily the supreme reality and he is the incarnation of God”. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance from his students. Teacher is our ultimate God who enlightens us to the right path. And being a Guru is the most eventual achievement of a human being. Our master Sri I. Nazer Gurukkal kindly says that he is also a student now who seeks the ubiquitous elements of knowledge that he still has to acquire. He wishes and works to become a Guru in this life span that God has given him in this earth.

The Importance of Guru in life

The Sanskrit adage “MathaPitha Guru Daivam” says a thousand words to the mankind. It means “Mother Father Teacher God”. The mother is to be prime reverenced. Mother gives birth and points the child to his father. Father takes the child to his Guru, the teacher. Guru guides all to God through his teachings. Thus we should always respect and treat our teachers with all respect. They have a great role in our life. It is through him we reach the ultimate purpose of life. Guru is an existing power source beyond any explanations and is not a person or a thing. Guru is taking a Holy power and he is never related with any religions. Guru reflects divinity in his character. The ultimate wisdom he achieved make him able to communicate with the enigmatic trove of information which are controlled by an invisible energy  that we say as God, Holy spirit, Para Brahma and so on.

Guru means the remover of darkness in life. He can make our life meaningful and luminous. We in each step of our life need a knowledgeable and intelligent person to show us the right way and take right decisions. They help us to make use of our potential and make us fit to manage with any difficult situations. They show us the right and wrong things and help us to mark the best options. Only that can make the most positive differences.

Our history and culture explains about the relationship between Guru and Disciples. Guru removes the ignorance from our life and teaches us to live our life with all its meaning. Guru inputs energy in each disciple. He is a person or thing with impeccable character. A perfect disciple acquires all the qualities from his Guru and reflects his character.

A Guru symbolizes calmness and moral conduct. He teaches to have control over the senses. When you are at your Guru, you can feel that you are at the right place. Believe completely o him and allow your mind and body to follow his thoughts.  It is he who shows you the purpose of your life and the way to reach it. Truth is that a best teacher can only make the best of students. And today’s quality students are tomorrow’s teachers.