Marmatreatment and Ayurveda Difference

Differences between Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Kalari Marma massage

Kalari marma massage is a unique system of treatment developed by Kalari Masters throughout the centuries. It actually originated as a treatment for students practising Kalarippyattu. Students used to have injuries during their practise sessions which ranged from mild situations like bruises, contusions, sprains and strains, to severe conditions like joint dislocation, fracture and even vertigo and unconsciousness. Whatever be the condition, the students were treated by their Masters.

Kalari marma treatment is not related to Ayurveda.

It is entirely different from Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatment. In Ayurveda people get relief from medicines than massage. But according to Kalari system, there are 108 marma points which are extremely vulnerable. Marma points should not be mistaken as the ‘trigger points’ described in modern orthopaedics and sports sciences. (Trigger points are tender points in the muscle tissue which when stimulated, can elicit pain.) Disturbances to the Marma points can cause severe pain, deformity and even death. Depending on the degree of trauma to these points, the after effects may vary. The pain caused, deformity produced and all other uneasiness’s can worsen with time elapse. The first aid for trauma to Marma points should be sought from a Kalari Master as early as possible, since delay in treatment can severely worsen the condition. Anatomically speaking, a severe trauma caused by external forces can cause internal bleeding due to rupture of blood vessels which is called haemorrhage. This cause a marked decrease in blood supply to the part affected. As a result, supply of oxygen and necessary nutrients are decreased. This leads to enormous cell death. Accumulation of dead cells can lead to a condition called sepsis. It then spreads along with blood to lungs causing pneumonia, septicaemia then to brain, causing meningitis, which may lead to death.

The Gurukkal (Kalari master) performs Marma treatment with spiritual thoughts, blessings from God and Masters and with mental power. He helps the person to find relief from ailments like severe joint pain, back ache, disc prolapse and other injuries by manipulating the Marma points. A perfect knowledge of the muscle system, nervous and circulatory system and bone structure is necessary for performing Marma treatment. While performing Kalari Marma Massage, the Gurukkal provides deep emphasis on the presence of Marma points within the part massaged.

Kalari Marma massage has its effects on Lymphatic drainage system. Movements to the skeletal muscles cause contractions to the intrinsic muscles of lymph vessels, thereby promoting the flow of lymph. Lymph is the medium of transport for harmful waste products and also the substances that are responsible for immunity. Thus Kalari Marma massage helps in fast removal of harmful waste from the body, reduces oedema and also enhances immunity. Kalari Marma massage provides a cleansing effect to the body. It purifies blood and also reduces skin diseases. It also helps to improve muscle function, venous drainage, and nervous system of the body. Kalari Marma massage influences the breathing pattern, thereby inducing a reliable respiratory mechanism. This in turn imparts its effects in sleep disorders and also in psychotic individuals.

Lack of internal medicine is one of the greatest highlights of Kalari marma massage. Even though, it helps to improve the immunity, strength, agility and endurance of both external and internal body parts. Kalari Marma massage enhances the flow of life gas; oxygen, thereby rectifying the irregularities in breathing pattern. By maintaining a healthy blood circulation, it helps to clean the toxic waste products accumulated within the body through outlets like breath, sweat, stool and urine.

Even healthy individuals, who are devoid of any potential diseases, can undergo Kalari Marma massage as a yearly fitness programme. Since the immunity system is enhanced, It helps to keep one disease free and in a state of positive health. Kalari Marma massage has proved to provide an overall relaxation effect and also provides rejuvenation to the cells in the body. Kalari Marma massage to whole body is performed, aiming at producing relaxation and rejuvenation to the body. A course of such type of massage, in which a single session lasts for two and a half to three hours, is enough to keep a person healthy and immune for the rest of the year. People find relief from various disordes like sprains, arthritis, back ache, disc prolapse, cervical spondylosis, neck pain as well as neurological conditions where other systems of treatment like homeopathy, and modern medicine couldn’t succeed.

The health, longevity and aesthetics of a person are improved as a result of Kalari Marma massage.